Workshop "Decision Making"

We make decisions everyday. Most of them are trivial, we don't even think about them, we just take them. Some other decisions, on the other hand, are very important and require a lot of thought before they can be taken. But it is not always clear what is the best option...
What if we don't feel able to make such decisions? Or if we doubt we made the right decision? Or if we tend to please others putting their desires ahead of our choices?

Using the psychodramatic method, you'll have the opportunity to reflect and work upon different types of situations, to think about pros and cons, helping you get a better insight on how to take decisions.

Psychodrama is an action method, often used as a psychotherapy, in which clients use spontaneous dramatization, role play and dramatic self-presentation to reenact key moments of their past, present and future, investigating and gaining insight into their lives. It helps clients to identify and express their feelings, to find new ways of dealing with difficult situations and to connect with others in a deep and satisfying way. The aim is to increase spontaneity in all aspects of one’s life.

Learn more about Psychodrama and my approach:

Workshop "Decision Making"

31 juli 2016 12:00 t/m 16:00


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