Voices from Letters: Imershón

Imershón is an intimate live concert that immerses the audience in Curaçaoan music, culture and history. From then and into the now.

Composer and percussionist Vernon Chatlein fuses his own contemporary compositions with sound fragments from the past, in order to give "an ode to our ancestors, our language and all its magic" in his own words.

The archival collection Zikinzá in which Father Paul Brenneker and literary artist and anthropologist from Curaçao “Ompi” Elis Juliana recorded anecdotes and songs from the Afro-Curaçaoan culture in the 1950s form the basis of all Imershón's musical compositions.

Chatlein focuses on furthering his research on the Muzik di Zumbi from Curaçao by putting his findings in a performance context with Imershón. The rhythms and grooves are blended with modern sounds and improvisation and gives you a one-way ticket to the Dutch Antilles and the rest of the Caribbean.

Voices from Letters: Imershón

25 juni 2021 19:00 t/m 22:15

Felix Meritis - Amsterdam

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