TranScreen party: Creatures of the Night

We are all creatures of some sort, creatures of habit, maybe from the black lagoon, but when the sun goes down, we can be assured of our status. We are... Creatures of the Night!

DJ Gay-Lo
Get your cutesy spooky on, glam up and party to the wickedly sexy beats of DJ Gay-Lo as she shares the hottest music she can think of to make you wanna dance, mixing old and new school reggaeton with sinister hip hop inspired beats, ese neo perreo, Caribbean house sounds and sweet timeless dancehall tunes.

Mavi Veloso & Friends
Gaze in awe and dance like a chicken to the multi talented Mavi Veloso – Brazilian trans-disciplinary, visual and performance artist. As a transgender and migrant from South America, her productions embody and own transformation processes, conflicts and cultural adjustment procedures, as well as fashion, queer, trans and drag queen elements about gender, identity, sexuality, placement and relocation.
She will be joined by her wonderful friends Tina Escarlatina, aka Paulo Scharlach and Urubu Marinka, aka Marina Sarno

Sanni Est
Finishing off the night, we are proud to have DJ SANNI EST, all the way from the mean streets of Berlin. A fixture of Berlin’s Underground scene, Sanni’s unique sound is derived by the combination of different music genres and cultural influences. With a classical musical training as percussion player and singer / songwriter, she creates this feat perfectly. And so a Hip Hop Flow can pass into gently plucked guitar melodies. This is not contradictory for SANNI EST. On the contrary, with her driving beats and melodies superimposed on her, the native Brazilian takes the listener * on a journey through the different sounds of the world.

TranScreen party: Creatures of the Night

01 juni 2019 22:00 t/m 03:00


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