Fractal Reality + ORPHEUS FESTIVAL

As you all know Greek Mythology it has many aspects and heroes, based their life into Music.
ORPHEUS, he was a musician, poet and prophet in Greek mythology. As he grew older, it became apparent that Orpheus was extremely gifted musically, he journeyed to Olympus to meet Apollo, god of music. Apollo was so impressed with Orpheus that he gave him the lyre and taught him how to play.
According to Greek myth, Orpheus played the lyre with such magical sweetness that he charmed the animals, birds, and reptiles that gathered around him, subduing their innate hostilities.
“Orpheus taming the Beasts” is a Myth that inspired the humanity all over the world till nowadays and we feel blessed and we proudly host this Myth on our Psychedelic adventure.
For those who already have the tickets for the previous event TOTAL CHAOS, it is finally time to use it!!!
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Fractal Reality + ORPHEUS FESTIVAL

29 april 2023 22:00


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