The Femme Fatale Cabaret

Boudoir Noir proudly presents:
The Femme Fatale Cabaret!
Dresscode: Black & White Vintage Chic

Irresistible women, mysterious and seductive vamps, determined rebels, contemporary amazones...
Xarah von den Vielenregen (Boudoir Noir) presents the Femme Fatale Cabaret:
get attracted by an aura of charm and mystery, timeless style and beauty.
Get your little black dress out of the closet and celebrate with us sensual & powerful seduction! Femme Fatale has always been an archetypal character of literature, art and film.
The original meaning of a “femme fatale” is at least as old as humanity itself.
The symbol of a seductive, immoral female figure first appeard in the primal story of Adam and Eve. The femme fatale motive runs like a golden thread in various literary works (Loreley by Heinrich Heine or Oscar Wilde’s Salome) to the conscious, vital personification in a number of film works:
This myth already appeared in the silent film era from the 1920s. Actresses like Theda Bara, Gloria Swanson and Marlene Dietrich served as cinematic mothers who broke with the conventional stereotypes of one-dimensional, needy women with dependence on the man, by showing more depth and sophistication.
The peak of the personification of a strong woman was reached in the film noir era from the 1940s in which the term “femme fatale” was officially recognized as the epitome of a manipulative, cold-blooded and sexual self-determining attitude. Probably at no other time in Hollywood have more profound women’s roles ever been created.

The Femme Fatale Cabaret

02 februari 2018 20:00 t/m 01:00


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