The Church of LESBIQUE nr. 4

Lez go to CHURCH again!

The 4th edition is here! The 15th of February, LESBIQUE is back at Club Church!
A night filled with a selection of unique dj's behind the decks, getting the eargasms going! Rites and rituals to tease and please. Night creatures, performance artists, godesses, Queens and Kings on stage!

And don't forget to get your free shot of Pussy Juice at the entrance!

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There will be a photographer & videographer on the party. If for whatever reason you don't want to be on any images or footage, feel free to walk up to the both of them :). This way we can still gather footage from the party, and protect your privacy & space.

Yes! We welcome everyone, but we ask everyone to be respectful to one another in their privacy, space, being and beauty.


For lesbique's, flikkers, faguettes, faggots, freaks, queers, friends and family.

The Church of LESBIQUE nr. 4

15 februari 2020 22:00 t/m 05:00

Club Church

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