Stukafest Nijmegen 2020

Stukafest Nijmegen celebrates its 20th birthday!

A smashing performance surrounded by crates of beer or study books, an intimate poetry reading underneath a loft bed or a comedian in the kitchen. This is all possible during Stukafest!

During Stukafest Nijmegen 20 student rooms will be transformed into mini stages. Your host will be the owner of the student room; they will make sure there are nice cold beers and some snacks for you. The artists practically sit on your lap and vice versa, but that is exactly what makes Stukafest so unique.

You decide on your own programme. There are three rounds, so each artists will perform three times. Make sure you're quick, before it's sold out. If so, you can always go to a different round or go for a different artist. There is plenty of choice and often an unknown act can become the unexpected highlight of your night. Between each round you have 30 minutes to go, by bike, to the next student room. After the three rounds, we will end the night with an afterparty!

Young, old, student, non-student: everyone is welcome!

Stukafest Nijmegen 2020

05 februari 2020 20:00 t/m 04:00

Studentrooms in the city centre of Nijmegen

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