Still Sunday at FilmhuisO42

Dear you,

Welcome again. Since the monumentally impressive Still Sunday Release Party last November in Brebl, we have been thriving on excitement. Last month we released the first issue of Still Sunday magazine (on, another milestone, and now… we proudly exclaim the announcement of STILL SUNDAY EVENT #2: Still Sunday at Filmhuis O42!

For the unknowing and non-believers, Still Sunday is a bimonthly online art-magazine that focuses on small guerrilla-like artists who seem to go by unnoticed even though their work is exuberant and thrilling. We give them a platform to speak out and show themselves, both online in our magazine and offline at our events.

Next up is a somewhat smaller version of our Release Party, and this time we’ll be housing Filmhuis O42 for showcasing a variety of exciting artists. But, as Filmhuis O42 paves the way for a cinema-focussed event, we will tend to do so. In the weeks to come, we will gently provide you with sneak peaks of the program, so keep your eyes open.

We would love to see you there, at Filmhuis O42, on March 23rd!

Team Still Sunday – David, Fleur, Maarten and Nick

Still Sunday at FilmhuisO42

23 maart 2019 15:00 t/m 01:00


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