Sound Healing Concert by Irene Sportel

From my heart I share sounds and music. To enjoy, to help you heal and relax. With Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, guitar, handpan, other world-instruments and voice. This concert is for everyone!

You lay down comfortably, close your eyes and let go of your day. The sound vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls and bells, crystal bowls, and also voice, guitar, handpan and other instruments will take you on an inner journey.

For thousands of years - all over the world - people have used sound therapy to help people return to their natural state of inner peace and harmony.

Sound healing can help you to relax and heal physical, emotional and mental imbalances, as the sounds of the instruments have a revitalising effect on your body and mind. A concert like this can have many benefits, like:

Stimulation of the immune system
Decrease of stress levels
Deep relaxation
Enhancing concentration
Enhancing creativity
Relief from insomnia
Balancing the brain hemispheres

Sound Healing Concert by Irene Sportel

27 november 2020 20:00 t/m 21:30

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