Singing Circle with Irene & Kevin

We, Irene Sportel and Kevin Bromberg, are happy to welcome you to this Singing Circle!

We gather in a circle, drop ourselves into our hearts and from there our journey begins. A journey to remember and celebrate the beauty of life!

Together with Kevin Bromberg on percussion, Irene will guide you through a -down to earth & from the heart – experience of singing mantra’s and songs together. Through little meditations and singing mantra's we remember our true nature - which is pure love and freedom - and that we are all interconnected and gifted with the power of our own voices.

Using instruments from all over the world - like tabla, handpan, Udu, framedrum, guitar, and more - we explore different rhythms and sounds and sing from the heart. After singing, there is also room to feel the silence.

This event is for everyone. You don't need to be a singer - at all. :) In fact, if you prefer to sit quietly and enjoy the sounds you hear, you are as much welcome - and part of this evening - as everyone else.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Big Sound Hugs from our hearts,

Irene & Kevin

Singing Circle with Irene & Kevin

23 oktober 2020 19:30 t/m 21:30

Mirror Centre

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