Raphael Rodan & Erik Sjøholm | The Whistler of Dreams (EN)

The Whistler of Dreams is a storytelling show with live music. It all started from a dream about Joseph from the Old Testament. With the desire to understand his dream, Raphael decides to tell Joseph’s story. But how can one tell a story of such a flawless character? In the attempt, Raphael strips the story from its religious connotations, and seeks to understand it in the light of his own life. In the process his own imperfections come to light, one image leads to another in an intense spiral which leads to one fundamental question, “Why are we so afraid of the light?”

Singer-songwriter Erik Sjøholm accompanies the stories with his magical singing.

Genre: Storytelling
Start: 20:00
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English

Raphael Rodan & Erik Sjøholm | The Whistler of Dreams (EN)

30 oktober 2022 20:00 t/m 21:00


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