Practicas Ecosomáticas | Amanda Piña

Practicas Ecosomáticas proposes dances and somatic practices as forms of knowing through identification and embodiment. This type of knowledge, ancestral and historically devaluated in relation to rational knowledge, is activated towards experiencing and getting to know, other bodies to be found within the western category of ‘nature’. Mountains, glaciers, estuaries, rivers, sources of water, wetlands and else are brought into dance within our bodies. Spirits are also invited to dance. Embodyment is here proposed as a key factor for sense thinking other forms of relation with the living world, which can go beyond the binary categories which produce and bring about the objectification and destruction of earth.

This event is in English and only for people 18 years and older

Practicas Ecosomáticas | Amanda Piña

15 oktober 2021 17:00 t/m 17 oktober 2021 14:00

Willem Twee

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