Downstage Left presents: Playground 2 – Crossed Wires

Join Downstage Left for another evening of one-act plays in De Nieuwe Anita. Playground 2 is all about people getting their wires crossed, relatable but infuriating misunderstandings, and finding love in confusing places.

The plays:

“Alan Alba and the Black Friday Panic” by Denis Burke
(with Christine Blakely, Andy Cowie, Brian Ligthart, Türkü Köksel and Paddy O’Connell).
Directed by João Calado.
A popular TV show examines mass hysteria by faking disaster situations. When its star presenter is seen shopping moments before reports of a terrorist attack, no one takes him or the situation seriously, leaving him with nothing but panic and well-meaning fools for company.

“DMV Tyrant” by Chris Durang (with Christine Blakely and Ben Evans).
Directed by João Calado.
Renewing your driving license is rarely easy. It shouldn’t be this hard. The play features just two characters. We have all met one of them and we have all been the other.

“I’m Home” by Denis Burke (with Borislava Todorova, Quin Mero and Denis Burke).
Directed by Annika van der Vegt and Denis Burke.
After a heavy night of drinking, Lily forgets that she recently moved house and barges into her old apartment. Her unplanned visit (or break in, depending on how you view it) leaves new resident Francesca bewildered, but allows her flat mate Neill a chance to finally get something off his chest.

Downstage Left presents: Playground 2 – Crossed Wires

26 juni 2019 20:00 t/m 28 juni 2019 22:00

De Nieuwe Anita

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