Betal Özay & Farah Coppola - BIOPOWER (EN)

Het kleinetheaterpact presents: BIOPOWER!

BioPower is an intimate storytelling performance which unveils the darker, private struggles of a relationship. They face societal expectations of a man, a woman, spouse and parent. Is their love enough to hold them together?

Tekst: Raphael Rodan, Farah Coppola and Betal Ozay
Regie: Raphael Rodan

The small theatre pact (or ‘het kleinetheaterpact’) guarantees a fringe performance every Sunday in one of the small theatres of Nijmegen! The pact is a collaboration between Thiemeloods, Theater VIER, Kunst & Cultuurplein De Verspiegeling and Meneer Otis, powered by the Municipality of Nijmegen.

Betal Özay & Farah Coppola - BIOPOWER (EN)

14 november 2021 20:00 t/m 21:00


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