Online Introductory Course Zen meditation in English

Start Monday March 27th 2023
From 20.00 till 21.45
On Monday March 20th we will start an online Introductory Course Zen meditation for people who don’t speak Dutch and who want to explore zen meditation.

What is Zen meditation?
Zen meditation is a way to train your awareness and focus. It increases the quality of everything you do and experience. It enables you to remain balanced, energetic, and creative in an active life, in a culture that may not be your own. Zen meditation is to your mind what sports is to your body. The training method is known for its simple and practical approach to zen.

What you will learn
During the introductory course you will thoroughly master the basic principles of Zen meditation. Your will learn to meditate daily and integrate zen in your life. The Introductory Course consists of 12 weekly online lessons.

What it brings
Through Zen meditation practice you increase your capability in dealing with all of life's challenges. Examples of results reported by participants of this course are:
• stress reduction
• more focus
• less anxiety
• more emotional health
• improved quality of sleep
• balanced blood pressure
• improved pain management

Online Introductory Course Zen meditation in English

27 maart 2023 20:00 t/m 01 mei 2023 21:45


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