Mosa Conference 2019

Mosa Conference is an annual international (bio)medical research conference, organized for and by students. It takes place in the beautiful city of Maastricht, the Netherlands. If you have performed research during your Bachelor's or Master's degree, Mosa Conference offers you a platform to present your research in front of a peer and an expert jury. Additionally, you can participate in interesting lectures and workshops about the annual theme. This year, the conference is about personalization as a solution in healthcare, medicine and research. Medical, pharmaceutical, and research disciplines alike are moving towards treatment practices focusing on you, individually. From clinical settings, to pharmacology, to Silicon Valley, personalized medicine and precision treatment are the future of healthcare advancements.

Mosa Conference 2019

25 juni 2019 09:00 t/m 26 juli 2019 18:00

Maastricht University

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