Mina vs. Dracula

Lucy Westenra is a bright, lively young woman, who is happily engaged to Jonathan Harker. Luck seems to be shining down upon the happy couple, but then Lucy suddenly falls ill before the wedding. The situation takes a turn for the worst when it is discovered Lucy has been bitten by a vampire.

Lucy's childhood friend Mina is determined to go all the way to save Lucy, and together with Jonathan she undergoes a dark journey to end the cause of Lucy's suffering: Count Vlad Dracula.

Mina vs. Dracula is an original Underground Theatre adaptation of Bram Stoker's famous novel 'Dracula', and is directed by Grace Vroomen and Robin Van Amelsfoort.

Mina vs. Dracula

17 december 2021 13:00 t/m 18 december 2021 23:00

Theater Het Hof