Medinge 2020 - Rotterdam CANCELLED

Brands with a conscience (re)connect

COVID-19 impact
At 3 September we will connect live at BlueCity! All corona related regulations will be respected. As a consequence, a limited amount of participants will be welcome. Buy your ticket now and be part of the exclusive and inspirational crowd!

Branding is strategy. Culture. Actions. Engagement. An intensely strong way to commit people and organization on a shared purpose. To progress humanity.

However. Success over the last years is no guarantee for future success where global challenges are the talk of the day. Brands that immerse into society, reconnecting to nature and business, stand out. What they do, Why and how is what we are exploring at our Medinge Spring Event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Join the event. Participate. Learn and bring some new ideas to this unique group of branding academics, professionals and consultants. For all service designers, brand curators, business owners and hr innovators (to become).

PROGRAM (preliminary)

Brands with a Conscience reconnect to Nature
• Guy de Sevaux (Cradle Consult) meets Mark Irvine (Medinge) – Beautiful Plastic Branding
• Sudhir John Horo (Medinge) – The best guardians of Earth’s biodiversity
• Amanda Satthertwaite & Jack Yan (Medinge) – Branding Planet Earth: when rivers are granted rights

Brands with a Conscience reconnect to Business
• Anneke Sipkens (DOEN Foundation) – Wanted “Awareness Chief” Fair Fashion Transition
• Olaf Lohle (Cleandye) – The future of fashion is clean, which brands lead?
• Sophie Thornander (Philips) – Sophie’s journey at Philips towards sustainable health technology leadership
• Anne Hospers & Company (Camp Bluff) – Courage is Contagious

Brands with a Conscience reconnect to Society
• Colette Cloosterman (Jumbo Group) – Engaging with society comes natural to family businesses
• Louise de Sadeleer (Deedmob) – What we do when it matters
• Richard Pearce (BRAN) – Too Much Information? The Benefits & Fears of moving towards an Autonomous Urbanism

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Medinge 2020 - Rotterdam CANCELLED

03 September 2020 08:30 t/m 18:00

Blue City

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