For the third edition we invited the masters of trippy, dark techno. Abstract Division is a collaboration between Paul Boex and Dave Miller. We have been a fan of their tracks for years. It's the perfect combo of straightforward uplifters and hypnotizing soundscapes. They describe it themselves as a "basement vibe with a warehouse feel". With this sound they've already played Berghain, Awakenings, Tresor, Sonar and now MASCHINE in Eindhoven.

Besides Abstract Division your ears will be surprised by two ladies who's fame is rising. Poon & Relou are familiar faces for anyone who has attended a techno party in Eindhoven in the last years. Those who think raw techno is only for men should definitely come and see these superb DJs.

Sander Chan opens MASCHINE this time. Last time the party went through the roof when he played the closing set. It was so loud that one speaker blew up. Oops! Fortunately this was solved during the night and this time we have more power and a better sound system to make it Chan proof.

Presale: €10
Doorsale: €12,50


19 mei 2017 23:00 t/m 04:00


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