Loli Molina (ARG) + Juliana Martina

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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, now based in Mexico City, is a celebrated singer songwriter and guitarist, performing in major venues throughout latin America and having won MTV awards, twice being nominated to Argentina's Gardel Awards, and receiving acclaim from fellow musicians and critics across genres. Loli’s formal training came in Argentina, studying classical, jazz, and
popular guitar, styles she has woven into her own unique approach to voice and guitar.

From a young age Loli has shared recording studios and performances with luminaries from Kevin Johansen, Nano Stern, Fito Páez, Santiago Vázquez, Fernando Cabrera, Ximena Sariñana and Juan Quintero and many more.

... "Loli Molina, who left the limiting world of promising pop to express herself in a scene much more broad of guitarist and singer, very refined, but also very bold "...

Together with guitar player Jaime Nanoha and drummer Luis Mora Matus, the wonderful singer Juliana will perform the project Heritage. A musical journey through Latin American history.

Doors open at 20.15

Tickets online: 12,50 EUR

Tickets at the door: 15 EUR

Loli Molina (ARG) + Juliana Martina

27 juni 2019 21:00 t/m 29 juni 2019 00:00


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