LGBTOUR: a queer experience through the pink heart of Amsterdam

LGBTOUR_AMSTERDAM: a queer walk through the pink & historic heart of Amsterdam.

Hi! My name is Sanne and I am your LGBTOUR guide and professional storyteller. As a queer local/local queer, the nice thing is that I can show you those hidden gems, pink spots, and stories that you won't find in 'the' books. Through my coming out experiences, I started sharing my personal stories - in schools, theaters, and workplaces which was such a success not only personally but even award-winning. Being able - as your queer local guide - to meet all these queers and allies from all over the world, still gives me, after more than 5 years (2022), a natural high.
How it all started? Cliché but true: I moved to Amsterdam, and fell in love with a girl for the very first time. And, underneath the rainbow flag... we kissed. And I never looked back.
I'd love to tell you more about this, and other stories during my LGBTOUR.
You are most welcome: the rainbow is for everyone!
All the love, Sanne.
What you will do:
Do you want to experience Amsterdam from a queer perspective? And learn all about the pink side of history?

Together we discover the hidden queer gems of the oldest part of town, where you will find out more:
1. What happened when two queer activists protested at our National Monument.
2. If there truly are unicorns at the Royal Palace.
3. What did the secretive alarm systems of queer bars look like, during WOII to hide for the Nazis.

Your LGBTOUR guide is a knowledgeable queer historic narrator. Next to sharing queer, historic stories, they also love sharing personal stories. We will go on a trip down memory lane with some queer scenes from my personal life like coming out, falling in love, and having a broken heart in the city of Amsterdam.
During our pink stroll through the oldest part of town there will be stories about:
- The queer history of Amsterdam,
- Amsterdam's pride & protest, and
- Coming pout & coming in experiences.

And, of course, your LGBTOUR guide can tell you all about Amsterdam's queer nightlife: from the old and dirty to the fresh and glittery.
Or check out our Queer Night Tour.

I look forward to meeting you.
You are most welcome. The rainbow is for everyone.

XO, your queer city guide @LGBTOUR_AMSTERDAM.

LGBTOUR: a queer experience through the pink heart of Amsterdam

12 maart 2022 13:00

National (white) Monument

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