LE:EN PLAY - FILM ''Save the Green Planet''

''The film's main character is Byeong-gu, a man who believes that aliens from Andromeda are about to attack Earth and that he is the only one who can prevent them. With his childlike circus-performer girlfriend, he kidnaps a powerful pharmaceutical executive whom he believes to be a top ranking extraterrestrial able to contact the Andromedan prince during the upcoming eclipse''

The movie mixes elements of comedy, science fiction, horror and thriller.

Rotterdam filmfestival (IFFR) had the honor to show the movie for the first time officially in The Netherlands. LE:EN has the honor to show it for the second time in The Netherlands! So be there!

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H-hPpPMu4A

LE:EN proudly presents the third edition of our movie night. If you where there the other two night you know we will promise you a complete experience. We will surprise you with special sake and food.

Tickets: €15,-

So put on your alien like outfit and join us on this amazing evening!

—->English subtitles<————

LE:EN PLAY - FILM ''Save the Green Planet''

22 maart 2019 19:30 t/m 00:30


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