KROOKS ADE special

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Looking for a not so dark and techie ADE night, but still fancy exquisite electronic music? KROOKS Records brings you on Friday a label showcase of their latest artists releasing music & offcasts. Together with Studio/K and Ondersteboven we'll bring you a night full of much appreciated (live) acts. Expect an ambience filled with groovy, warm, cinematic, acoustic, romantic, deep, mysterious elements & sounds. So dearly please get your shit together and move your ass to city centre-east where Studio/K is located: a historically old movie theatre with a profound taste for decoration and programming.


Area 1:
• DJ Isis
• Satori - live
• Arjuna Schiks + live band
• Hugo Oak - live
• Josh Dupree
• Visuals by Rick Robin

Area 2: hosted by Ondersteboven
• Carlos Valdes
• Maxi Mill
• Strange Fruit
• Visuals by signals_unknown

Tickets available now at €15,- ex. fee

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KROOKS ADE special

21 oktober 2016 21:00 t/m 06:00


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