Kabeção Workshop

Embarking on a musical journey with Kabeção in the immersive realm of a handpan workshop unveils the profound connection between a musician and their instrument—an intimacy that is both special and utterly unique. Such a bond transcends the mere technical aspects of playing; it delves into the depths of emotion, storytelling, and the compelling need to communicate something profound through music.

In the intricate world of musicality, elements like groove, emotion, narrative, and the ability to articulate a message become the cornerstones of one's approach to an instrument. This holds not only for the handpan but for every musical medium, creating a universal language that resonates across diverse musical landscapes.

Kabeção, with his seasoned expertise and an evident passion for the craft, becomes the guide in this musical exploration. Beyond imparting technical skills, he shares invaluable insights into the nuanced art of storytelling through sound, fostering a deeper connection with your instrument. The workshop serves as a transformative space where participants are encouraged to transcend the boundaries of their current musical understanding, unlocking new dimensions in their artistic expression.

This workshop is open to any level.
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 100€
Max 5 to 10 people
Note: You can bring your instrument.

Kabeção Workshop

17 april 2024 14:30 t/m 17:00

Ayasa Instruments Workshop

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