Jon Roniger & The Good For Nothin' Band

The Good For Nothin’ Band is to the New Orleans music scene what

Al Capone was to the Chicago Mafia, " The Enforcer of Wow " the hot

bang club, original, defying cultures, tastes, genres, and décor. These

rouge delinquents, sacrilege in all their perfection, are a feast for the

soul of wayfaring pilgrims searching for the Un-Holy Grail of seedy

salvation. They will decapitate your senses with songs and music crafted

from utter mayhem and sheer debauchery. The lucky pilgrim who

ventures into the room with these deplorable angels with leave

molecularly scathed, never to be integrated into normalcy again, forever

changed to roam the earth in the fog of delightful whiggery. When in

New Orleans, seek out these degenerate scalawags. Drink in the groove

shadows of this notorious city of wonder as they bombard you with

their infamous musical tales of the city of dreams. The Good For Nothin

Band , coming to your local sleaze palace and insane asylum.

Jon Roniger & The Good For Nothin' Band

03 november 2021 20:00 t/m 23:00

De Rozenknop

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