Jay Chia Henareh & Sia Cyrroes | Two houses, one village (EN)

Jay and Sia grew up in different worlds, but with the same stories. Stories of the Shahnameh; the Persian book of Kings, with great warriors like Rostam. These mythological stories which connect these two boys, they want to share with you.

These two men turn out to have more in common than they think. Their fathers have lived in the world of drugs and booze. The boys experience this up close.. They discover the impacts of their past on their own lives and wonder if they are or want to be like their fathers. Are their fathers really heroes?

Genre: Storytelling
Duration: 55 minutes
Language: English

Artists: Sia Cyrroes, Jay Henareh
Director: Raphael Rodan

Jay Chia Henareh & Sia Cyrroes | Two houses, one village (EN)

09 oktober 2022 20:00 t/m 21:00


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