International Tracking Symposium

Great news for all who are interested in Track & Sign in Europe!

We are very happy to announce the first European ITS: International Tracking Symposium. This is an online event scheduled over the weekend of 25, 26 and 27 February 2022.

Over the three days we have lectures and discussions from leading wildlife trackers and naturalists from across Europe and beyond, covering a wide range of subjects. These include skull identification, insect sign, ageing tracks, bird language, using tracking to monitor wildlife, where traditional tracking meets modern technology and much, much more.

Together with sharing knowledge, our goals are to connect European tracking enthusiasts and to build our tracking community. The cost of the event for the full 3 days giving access to all three days of the symposium is 80,00 Euros. We also offer a student discount for 65,00 Euros as well as a 100,00 Euro option for super supporters.

We’re also very pleased to announce this ITS will be hosted in conjunction with the Dutch Mammal Society (Zoogdiervereniging). We are very grateful that they have agreed to help us in the organization of the symposium. Enlisting and payment will be possible via their website.

We intend to record the symposium and make it available for 3 months after the event at no extra charge to ticket holders. Please help in promoting this event by sharing within your network. Thank you.

We really hope you can join us in February, see you there and then.

Kind regards,
John Rhyder (UK), René Nauta (NL) and Joscha Grolms (DE)

International Tracking Symposium

25 February 2022 09:00 to 27 February 2022 17:00

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