International Tracking Symposium 2023

ITS 2023 - Second edition!
February 18 & 19th 2023
18+ experts with a wide variety of topics
2 full days online
- € 70,= regular price
- € 90,= super supporter
All talks will be recorded

We are very happy to announce that the second ITS - International Tracking Symposium will be going ahead this year! It will be an online event just like last year, on February 18 & 19th.

We are very pleased to have enlisted a fascinating array of speakers, both old and new faces. All are offering a new presentation across several aspects of tracking. We have speakers from all over Europe (SK, UK, NL, ES, F, D, I, S) as well as Israel. All speakers will be presented on our social media: Instagram and Facebook over the coming weeks.

We’re also pleased with the Zoogdiervereniging (Dutch Mammal Society) arranging the technical side of it all, as before.

All talks will be recorded and available for 3 months after the ITS has ended for those who enlisted

In the meantime, your support is much appreciated, so please spread this news within your own circles. Many thanks.

We hope to see you online in February!

Best regards / hartelijke groeten

John Rhyder & René Nauta

International Tracking Symposium 2023

18 februari 2023 09:00

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