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Future of Food - Experience Dinner - Dutch Design Week 2017

21 October 2017 17:30 t/m 29 October 2017 23:30

Sectie - C

“What will we eat in 2050?” Section C introduces 'Future of Food - Design Dinners' during the Dutch Design Week: a tasty multi-course dinner in the workshop or studio of a designer. That means intimate dinners at the saw table, amid welding machines and drills, while a chef and a food designer prepare delicious dishes and designers play the role of hosts.

Sam van Gurp and Esther Jongsma from VANTOT Studio alternate with other Section C residents: Studio Plott, Meesterkox, Nacho Carbonell and Hal G as hosts and hostesses of these special DDW Dinners. In this area visitors can relax after a hectic day of design impressions. Here designers open their workshops and studio’s for a sensory experience. In an intimate atmosphere, you will become acquainted with designers and their working methods while enjoying a special meal.

Pepijn Meijers, creative chef of PIPPENS and food designer Katinka Versendaal of studio The Eatelier prepare tasty dishes in their pop-up laboratory restaurant. They try to make the visitor aware of the similarities between product designers and food designers. Both have a responsible role in striving for a better, fairer and exciting future. They play a key role in this evolution; the product designer by thinking about future materials, production processes and distribution systems, and the food designer by engaging in how food is grown, prepared, divided and consumed in the future.

For DDW17, Section C designers investigate the future connection between product and food design during these DDW Dinners, trying to predict what a shared dinner will look like in 2050.

Collaborating designers: VANTOT, studio Plott, Meesterkox, Hal G and Nacho Carbonell.

If you have any questions or dietary restrictions, please get in touch with us:

75,- Ticket price includes 16-course dinner & drinks

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