Fantastic Fungi Day

"Do not miss Fantastic Fungi, one of the most beautifully powerful and intellectually stimulating films of the year and perhaps even the decade" and The Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands are proud to organize: "Fantastic Fungi Day". We will host this screening this fantastic Movie on this very unique day.
One movie, one movement.
500 theaters worldwide.

Fantastic Fungi is a film that serves to be a bridge of understanding to connect these ideas. By investing in these fungal networks we invest in the webs of life. Time is short. We need to bring this knowledge to the forefront of public consciousness.

This event is sponsored by:
Synthesis Retreat
Kokopelli Smartshop

Time: Door Open: 20.30hrs
Screening Paul Stamets Discussion panel: 22.45hrs till 23.59hrs

Are you ready to explore the magic that lives beneath our Feet?

Fantastic Fungi Day

26 maart 2020 20:30 t/m 23:59

Euroscoop Amsterdam

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