Evolution of the omnivore

After the huge success of last year’s design dinners, 28 grams of happiness, food design studio THE EATELIER and chef PIPPENS are teaming up once again. This time, they are experimenting with the diet of the omnivore, and the search for a perfect meal in a fast-food world.

They get into questions like; What effect will the rising temperatures have on the production of chocolate? What would happen if we put the invasive species on the menu? Is the tomato we find in the supermarket an advanced piece of technology or is it still a piece of nature? And could a plant become a brand? Can I hack my brain’s performance with my lunch? Can my fast food be personalized to my taste? Or could food become my medicine? Could we, literally, eat our way out of our problems? And what will that taste like?

By looking at upcoming climate change, new technologies and personalized healthcare, food design studio THE EATELIER & creative chef PIPPENS will answer these questions by creating an eye opening, educational and exciting lunch & dinner experience.

Evolution of the omnivore

19 oktober 2019 12:00 t/m 27 oktober 2019 21:30

The Table by PIPPENS

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