European Festival of Brotherhood

5th European Festival of Brotherhood: Awaken the King within

Dear Brother, YOU are most welcome to join the 5th European Festival of Brotherhood.

This international Gathering of Men is a unique opportunity to meet brothers across borders!

Every day men, all over Europe, are practicing to be centered, decisive, to be of service, to live the true meaning of an abundant life. This rich Kingdom is to be found in our spirit. Its for us brothers our daily practice to find the archetype of the King within. Every men does this in his own unique expression. So feel free to show up as the lover, the joker, the wild men etc.

And now these men come together at the 5th European Festival of Brotherhood, celebrated at Vlierhof in Kleve, Germany, close to the Dutch border at Nijmegen. The brothers will come together to create a sacred space for personal growth, spiritual development and masculine acceptance. We will be totally ourselves, we will penetrate our limits, and......we will have fun!

European Festival of Brotherhood

30 augustus 2018 16:00 t/m 02 september 2018 16:00


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