Ella Disenchanted the Panto 2022- Saturday Night

Ella Disenchanted the Panto
As a child Ella gets a visit from the fairy ‘Lillybell’. She gives her the gift and curse of ‘obedience’. This way Ella becomes the ‘perfect child’ and can never refuse an assignment. Now she’s older this gets her into a lot of trouble and difficult situations so she decides to go on a quest: find fairy Lillybell and break the curse!
On her way she needs to outsmart an entire kingdom filled with ogres, elves, snakes, horrible stepsisters and more! Is Ella going to succeed? Will she regain control of her own life? And will she maybe find love on the way?
Find out at this spectacular show for young and old!
And be warned: everyone is encouraged to hiss and yell at the ‘baddies' and the ‘goodies’. Audience participation is essential - the louder the better!

Ella Disenchanted the Panto 2022- Saturday Night

29 januari 2022 19:30 t/m 22:00

Cultureel Centrum Cascade

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