Ecstatic Dance Nijmegen │ DJ MOON (Spain/Ibiza) │ 8 February 2020

Connecting Music, Movement & Consciousness.

I'm a music lover from jazz to techno, including soul, acid jazz, funk, deep house, house and any kind of music that touches my soul. I deeply love watching people dancing under the same beat connecting with respect and love.Since I was 16 I have been behind the booths trying to guess how a dj could create a common vibe for everybody to dance. Now I understand that the dj is like a shaman in the ancient times. Once I listened to artists like Rinôçérôse, St.Germain and clubbing in Madrid in places like The Room, Deep, Midday by the late 90's, I realized that was the kind of music I was looking for and I started loving house music.In 2005 I bought a pair of Technics and learnt how to mix. For some years, I played at raves organized by my friend's music collective in Madrid and also in different places like The Passenger and private events in Barcelona. In 2010, I discovered Ecstatic Dance Community, a big movement around the world based in creating community through dancing and started playing as a resident dj in Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza.

Ecstatic Dance Nijmegen │ DJ MOON (Spain/Ibiza) │ 8 February 2020

08 februari 2020 20:00 t/m 22:30

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