Ecstatic Dance Nijmegen │ DJ KIMBA JADE │ 20-10-2019

Kimba Jade, is an Ecstatic Dance DJ.
Her passion is music, exploring sound, its healing benefits and dance! Kimba has been spinning tunes for the past 19 years and runs Ecstatic Dance Auckland and her own conscious movement and ecstatic dance events, taking people on a journey via music that stimulates the heart.
Her sets explore many genres and infuse oriental, tribal and ethnic tunes with her love of deep tech and house. Kimba is an international performer and her passion to DJ and run kinesiology energy methods infused with dance workshops has seen her at festivals and ecstatic dance events worldwide.

"It’s the Joy that music and dancing creates that is going to shift our conscious awareness to heal the planet”.

Ecstatic Dance Nijmegen │ DJ KIMBA JADE │ 20-10-2019

20 oktober 2019 14:30 t/m 17:00

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