Ecstatic Dance Nijmegen │ DJ BERNICE (Canada) │ 30 JUNI 2019

I have been offered my dream job as I partner with Donna Carroll of to travel the world and make change by offering Trainings in how to produce dance events. As I see it it take three things to run a good dance event, good behind the scene event productions skills, the ability to deliver good music and sound, and the ability to hold a container where this magic can happen. My new job means travelling, A LOT. It means DJing at the events of our students and in other dance community and it take a LOT of work to organize these events. I have had to make the very tough decision to stop teaching locally here in our gorgeous home of Nelson BC.

Ecstatic Dance Nijmegen │ DJ BERNICE (Canada) │ 30 JUNI 2019

30 juni 2019 14:30 t/m 17:00

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