DNTSTRY: On Tour | Supernatural

Sometimes two people confront their ideas and views, for something new and beautiful to be born. And sometimes people have to step outside their comfort zone to learn and grow. If you are one of those people, join DNTSTRY: On Tour at Supernatural. Become a part of the experience which will tell a visual, clinical and emotional story of a young and brilliant dentist meeting one of the biggest Titans in dentistry. You gonna find out what was it that brought Florin Cofar and Eric Van Dooren to start their collaboration.

You will discover all the obstacles they had to overcome and the solutions they had to create in order to achieve success and become visionaries that shape the future of dentistry. And the future is digital. You will learn the most important techniques, workflows and protocols to embrace digital dentistry into your practice. You will learn how to reinvent your game and take it to the next level. Stay with us as we unfold their true story of transformation and success.

DNTSTRY: On Tour | Supernatural

24 mei 2019 08:00 t/m 25 mei 2019 22:00

Kaptol Boutique Cinema

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