Charity Rave | In Support of Turkey, Syria and Kurdistan

Please note: due to disappointing ticketsales DJ Bone, Nene H and Comrade Winston b2b Beste Hira have been cancelled.

Turkey, Syria and Kurdistan are in crisis. You've seen the devastating rubble, the heartbreak and the need for help. To support those in need, in our own way, the people of the Nijmeegse night are organizing a Charity Rave. Syrian and Turkish artists, together with a diverse scala of dj’s will fill the stages of Doornroosje through the night of Friday February 24th. Every and all profits made by organizing this event will fund the much needed aid for those directly affected by the earthquake.**

With the help of Root Radio and Sadaa Sound Syndicate, a group of Syrian, Turkish, and Kurdish sonic activists and organizers, we’ve chosen two organizations we will be donating to: AHBAP and Molham Team. These charities are working tirelessly on the grounds of Syria and Turkey to save lives and meet the fundamental needs of survivors. Buying a ticket to the Charity Rave will directly help them provide shelter, food, heating supplies and medical supplies.

Azucy & Jantjevandebuurt
Maherrie (Syrian special)
Matra b2b Theoson
Ozum b2b Eurotic

**Please notice: there's no difference between the tickets except their prices. If you are able to buy a ticket with a higher ticket price, please consider doing so. Are you not able to come but do you want to support the project? Make a donation trough the 'extra' option at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

Charity Rave | In Support of Turkey, Syria and Kurdistan

24 februari 2023 19:00 t/m 27 februari 2023 11:26


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