Area 51 Samples

The disciplines of street culture have always been interconnected, evolving side by side. Once re-opened, Area 51 will bring this connection back. Sports, dance, music and art will reside in the same building, inspiring and influencing each other once again. Join the Samples, have a sneak peek of Area 51 will be like and get a hands-on introduction to your new hobby.

This project is a series of workshops in the mediums of Videography, Graphic Design, Music Production & DJing , Photography and Spoken Word led by professionals in the field who remained connected with the street culture through their work.

About the Samples:
Each sample represents 2 workshops of 4 hours held on Saturdays.
Within these 2 consecutive Saturdays, the instructors will walk you through the theoretical background and offer you tools and techniques you can immediately use in your own way.

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