Hey there rave-cravers!
What a strange time to be alive: we are encouraged to stay at home and we miss each other more and more..
We hope you all are safe and healthy!

Piece by piece our city is becoming herself again... but with a weird touch.
After the Grand opening of the Spacebar we were certain we need to create an opportunity to dance and let all the quarantine stress, anger and pain out!
People want to dance, party and rave, but with fitting rules so that everyone is safe.

SO here it is! We are proud to present: ANDERHALF.

This concept is something that comes from our heart.
A party doesn’t need big crowd, a ticket sale reaching 400 tickets, or a so called top 100 DJ...

Right now it’s the time that we downscale, we keep the party intimate, back to the basics and finally with enough room to really dance.

Claim one of the 30 corona adapted dance spots!
The dance spots are each 3 square meters where you can move freely and are all yours during the night!

You can come with your household, one friend or just by yourself.

The size of the dance space for groups will depend on the size of the group.
Please be honest about if the people you’re coming with really live in your household or not. We wan’t to keep this party corona proof!

We came up with a system that allows you to get drinks, go for a toilet break, and even grab a smoke following the safety regulations. Each square will have its own help button. Push it, and we will be at your service so that you can stay in your square!

We are really excited and can not wait to start off with this special experience!

19th of June - 0000-0000
20th of June - 0000-0000

Sick House


19 juni 2020 21:00 t/m 21 juni 2020 01:00


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