Aggeliki Toubanaki: 'Crossovers' in Amsterdam

Aggeliki Toubanaki live in Amsterdam!

'Crossovers' - From Traditional Melodies to Contemporary Improvisations

'Have you ever seen a singer who all parts of her body (arms, shoulders, fingers), facial expressions, breathing, are coordinate and "dance" the words? Musician, creator, vocal performer, (Aggeliki Toubpanaki) is the definition of a vibrant chord when she sings on stage...' Charis Pontida –

Angeliki Toubanaki: voice, loops, Fx
Vasilis Ketentzoglou: guitar, compositions
Apostolos Kaltsas: bass, loops
Thanos Stavridis: accordion
Ilias Doumanis: drums, pads, music design programming
Produced by Ark4Art.

*** Tickets online - (link)
Ticket prices:
15 euros for the first 50 tickets sold or until 30th of September
18 euros for the rest or door

Aggeliki Toubanaki: 'Crossovers' in Amsterdam

09 november 2019 20:00 t/m 23:50


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