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Adrian J Portia @ Ayasa - Concert and Workshop

04 augustus 2018 19:15 t/m 05 augustus 2018 18:00

Ayasa Instruments HQ

Join us for a night with Adrian J Portia and a workshop the next day at Ayasa. For the concert the doors open at 19:15 and the concert starts at 20:00 (please arrive before 19:50) on Saturday 4th of August and the workshop starts the next day at 14:00 till 18:00 (doors open 13:30).

About Adrian:
Adrian J Portia is a professional Handpan Player/Drummer/Percussionist based in Melbourne Australia. Only since 2013 has Adrian started to play the handpan. In this short time he has been recognised internationally as one of the leading players and educators on the instrument and has been travelling all over the world performing and teaching. Adrian is widely known for his speed, control and command over the instrument and has been given the nickname "The Hummingbird”

About the workshop:
Adrian’s 4 hour workshop will cover a wide spectrum of playing the Instrument and Musicianship. “My goal is to give you the Tools to help you develop your own Voice and Style"

Adrian will share detailed techniques on how to develop your Touch, Sound and Presence on the instrument. Methods through specific exercises to build fundamental Strength, Precision, Fluidity and Speed.

Dynamics and Creating Feel.
Building your Internal Clock.
Grooves and Fills
Playing with Others
Developing Improvisation
And more..

Open to all Levels. Duration 4 hours - From 14:00 to 18:00 - Price for the workshop only is €80 - Limited to 15 participants. Please arrive between 13:30 and 13:50 so that you can settle in.

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