Storytelling Festival Nijmegen

We're back! In December we're hosting the second edition of Storytelling Festival Nijmegen. Listen to the oldest surviving literary text in LUX Nijmegen, or let yourself be taken in by exciting and personal, old and new stories in the Thiemeloods.

What is Storytelling? Storytelling revolves around personal stories, while focussing on authenticity. The storyteller, often the author of the text, introduces the story in its purest form to the audience to provoke the imagination and let them be part of the story.

During these three days, we will bring to you four performances and one musical concert. Storytelling Festival is for all ages, for an experienced or a new audience. The performances will delve deep into topics from our diverse society; think of home country and identity, sexual diversity, and seeking and finding your place.

Storytelling Festival Nijmegen

16 december 2022 20:00 t/m 17 december 2022 22:30


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