28 grams of happiness

After the huge success of last year’s Design Dinners, food designer Katinka Versendaal and the creative chef Pepijn Meijers are teaming up once again this year during Dutch Design Week. This time, they are experimenting with happiness, and how to cultivate it through food.
How does food impact our physical and mental state or even our senses? What does food do to our brain and can we anticipate the effects? Can we define the taste of happiness by optimizing the taste and the sensorial experience? Could we regard food as a bit of a drug, if we take a closer look at the reactions in your brain? Should we look at food the same way we would medicine or drugs, with the intention of improving health? A healthy body is a happier body, is it not? By translating scientific research into the world of food, Katinka and Pepijn will answer these questions by creating an eye opening, educational, exciting, and sensorial dinner experience.

The dinner will be accompanied by an exposition that will take us on a complete journey in the pursuit of finding happiness, and it will show us how design can provoke a sense of wonder, luck, content or gratefulness. The exhibition is set in the gallery Art Experience by KRL on Sectie-C and curated by the talented Justine Kontou, who’s skills lie in the cultivation of emotion through space and object.

The dinner is set to 16 courses, and the lunch, between 8 to 10. The experience invites (max.) 28 guests to take a seat at a long table. The courses will be served individually or on big platters, such as a sharing dinner/lunch, to help get conversation started and have guests interact with each other. This is also a nice bonding experience for teams or people who come to network. During the meal, Katinka and Pepijn will step out of the kitchen and elaborate on each dish and course. Guest will be handed a printed menu that gives an insight in the underlying research.

Disclaimer: During the event we might take pictures which we will use for future promotional purposes. By attending our event you agree to (possibly) be visible in our future promotional material.

28 grams of happiness

19 oktober 2018 20:00 t/m 28 oktober 2018 23:30

ART Experience gallery by KRL, Sectie - C, Eindhoven

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