Twelfth Night, a modern Shakespearian musical

'I know who I am. I'm just afraid to show it.'

In this modern version of Shakespeare's "Twelftth Night" Viola and her twin brother Sebastian don't get shipwrecked. Viola simply chooses to leave her small town home for the big city. There she can be whoever she wants. Man or woman...

Don't be frightened! In this modern version there is still a big love triangle, disguises, deceive, a ring that hasn't been given but still gets returned and something that has something to do with yellow stockings.

This modern 30 minutes Shakespearian musical uses the original text of one of Shakespeare's greatest comedies, fused with songs and new scenes about acceptance, love, and daring to standing out.

By: Maer Theatermakers Ism Jaap Borst on Daphne Lamers.
Location: Atlas Hollandia, naast Brebl, verzamelplek: Festivalhart


2 november 18:30 & 22:00
3 november 15:00 & 18:30

Twelfth Night, a modern Shakespearian musical

01 november 2019 18:30 t/m 03 november 2019 19:05

Atlas Hollandia

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